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The Blog of Life

Multiple Monitors

Is this too many monitors? How many monitors is too many? Photo courtesy of @chojubo

 - Photo credit: Chojubo
office setup


The Blog of Photos

More Filtering - Black and White

More filtering with Picasa, this time trying to get the impact of black and white. For this shot to have really worked I should have used my physical polarising filter to knock out the blue of the sky to near black to give sharp contrast with the clouds. Instead I've had to add a red filter in post processing to darken the sky for a similar effect.

black and white filter - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
tree in wheat field


London Bird

This triplet was taken in succession while in London. In the first image you might be able to spot some droplets, which led me to find the bird taking a bath before if flew off.

London Shard - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
the Shard from Borough Market

bird bath - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
the bird generating the rain shower

bird takeoff - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
off it flew


Edinburgh Skyline Panoramas

Here are a few of the panoramas I shot showing the Edinburgh skyline at sunset

Edinburgh Skyline HDR - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
Edinburgh skyline in HDR

Edinburgh from Arthers Seat - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
the view from King Arthur's Seat

Edinburgh Sunset - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
a stunningly rich sunset


Morning Daisies

The sunlight this morning was tremendous as we enjoyed breakfast in the garden. So warm and lovely and moist after the previous nights rain. These daisies were looking quite captivating with their jewel like rain droplets on the petals.

 - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
daisy in the suns morning rays

 - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
with water droplets


Summer Rain

Simply glorious. Summer has arrived. Happy days.

summer rain - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
rain on the patio


Some More Garden Photos

Here are a few photos from the Kitechener Community garden showing the new triangular raised beds - not copied but actually pre-dating Joe Swift's Gardener's World design.

triangular raised beds - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
triangular raised beds (reclaimed)

cosmos flower - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
cosmos to the sky

cosmos flower macro - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
cosmos up close and personal


Bike Upgrade

A day spent in the garden upgrading Su's Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op bike with new breaks and bar tape.

Edinburgh Bicycle Continental Race - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op Continental Race Women's Specific Design

daffodils - Photo credit: Nick Bailey

home made greenhouse - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
home made scavenged greenhouse / potting shed

 - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
garden panorama


Cotswold Winter Igloo

This igloo we built on top of the Cotswolds on 2010-12-27. I can't quite believe it was three and a half years ago. There hasn't been such fabulous snow since. Indeed, last winter there was actually none. These photos have been on my desktop waiting to be blogged all this time. It was a truly fabulous walk and in fact a really fabulous Christmas, this was on Boxing day and we went for our traditional walk. When we reached the top of the escarpment the snow was so thick we quickly realised it could be cut off the ground in blocks with a lovely sticky consistency making it perfect for building with. We went laid the first row then kept building. The difficulty was the door way which we constructed as part of the structure rather than cutting it out afterwards which made it difficult to bridge the top. Once complete inside the igloo the effect was tremendous - a significantly warmer environment out of the sharp wind. Chris and I had to be dragged away to the pub otherwise I think we might well have built a village. Next time...

igloo in the cotswolds - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
our first igloo

cotswold igloo - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
igloo family portrait


Grant's Whiskey? Almost.

This looks totally legit. A bottle of Grunts Whiskey we found in the middle of Inner Mongolia. Sadly we didn't sample the Finest Yantai Whiskey so the secrets of its peaty notes remain unknown.

Grants whiskey nearly - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
almost, but not quite, exactly not Grant's Whiskey.


Pallet Decking

Inspired by Ground Force we decided to make a decking area at the back of the Kitchener garden. We discovered the near perfect pallets for 'free' in the neighbourhood and after a whole day's team ground work we laid the decking and installed the various skipped garden furnitures. Also in these photos are the bath - a skip freebie.
Footnote: this continued to last a good few years without any wood treatment. Eventually some of the slats broke and we replaced some of the individual pallets with new. The difficulty was finding these particular pallets that don't have large gaps.

skip scavenging - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
the shared garden

free pallet decking - Photo credit: Nick Bailey
pallet decking in place


Chaplaincy Kettle

This was my subliminal advertising on the Southampton University Chaplaincy kettle. It reads:
You have heard it said "wash up and put away your mugs."
But I say to unto you, wash not only your own mugs but also those of your neighbour.
And if someone forces you to wash up their plate, wash also their fork and spoon.

 - Photo credit: Nick Bailey

 - Photo credit: Nick Bailey


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