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The Blog of Life

Kuti Pots

I've just found that you can buy Kuti pots on Amazon:

Pink Apple C650 Unique Quality Plastic Containers 40 g (Pack of 252)

For those not familier with Kuti Pots, Kuti's Brasserie is the leading curry house in Southampton and his takeaway's come in the best quality plastic pots that you can buy (this is agreed by anoyne in the know). The pots last for ages and can be used as lunch boxes, freezer boxes, fridge boxes and hot water bottles (yes, they are water tight). Go and order a takeaway or buy in bulk.


After the rain of last night this morning the garden smells utterly delicious.

It was hot outside this morning from the get-go. We are currently sleeping on my hand made bed in the second bedroom as Mr Sir has accidentally claimed our bedroom. One day we'll swap back, but I'm actually quite enjoying this as it's my first opportunity (other than with a migraine) to sleep in this bed. I designed it to be at the level of the windowsill meaning one can lie in bed and gaze out into the garden. This is rather lovely even if I do say so myself. It is also north facing, which should mean dark, but not in the summer up here at a latitude of 51 degrees as the sun rises over and smacks us full in the face, warming us awake if I've forgotten to put the blind down, which was the case this morning.

fennel. © Nick Bailey

We ate breakfast inside as it was already hot and quite wet still in the garden. I stepped out to pick up the newspaper and the outside smelled of Scotland - that highlands fug you get in a secluded fern filled valley. It was a gorgeous scent. Now, a little later in the day I'm stilling out in the shade of the house gazing upon the garden (one of the few advantages of a north facing garden) and the smell has changed to develop a Mediterranean flavour. It could be the fennel, which is the tallest non-tree plant I've ever grown, or the mix of honeysuckles together with the moisture from earlier. But I'm transported to cliff top walks around the med or perhaps the south of France. Simply splendid and well worth savouring.


The Blog of Photos - past 30 days

First Cherry Harvest

On the way to Oxford we had pulled into this lay-by outside Buckingham and discovered to our joy these cherry trees heaving with fruit. We gathered a load to enjoy on the journey and planned to return the following day. By then I had brought a couple of small trugs to aid our collection and so we filled them. I've never seen cherries like this in England. Jam has been made.

English cherries in Buckingham. © Nick Bailey
cherries in the trees

Buckingham cherries. © Nick Bailey
cherries in the tubs


100 Days of Life After Birth

Here is our little man on his 100th day. The 100 days is a special celebration in Korea and might (or might not, depending on which generation you ask) require a naked photograph to be taken. This is ours. We think that the significance of this milestone marks his first full year of life.

100 days. © Nick Bailey
100 days alive


He just slept in my arms tonight.

I've been looking for an excuse to post this photo which we took a few weeks ago now. He's grown a little since but still just about fits in this rather odd "specialist baby bath tub". I'm not at all convinced about the design and it's pretty darn hart to hold him up in it while he still has such a head lolling tendency. But the reason to post, apart from my inner desire to show off this pic (damn, I've become one of those dads), is from the bath-time experience today in which he fell asleep in my arms.

OMG! It was like the cutest thing ever.

By 'bath-time' please don't get excited about the idea we might have a time in which baths happen. Oh no, baths are a fluid, random, ad-hoc affair happening occasionally when the need arises / we remember. Anyway, who really needs to wash their baby every day (even if it is adorable at times)? And that think about "babies need routine" - pah! But today we were having a wash due to a sweaty walk to town (and cycle for me). After the tub bath I got in for a shower rinse, lathered him up like a bar of soap and tried to cling on while we rinsed off. Normally he makes these mad confused expressions while the water patters on his face, but today he simply slipped off to sleep while I held him, his eyes closing gradually like a giant kitten. Totally relaxed and at ease (or perhaps simply totally shattered). It was glorious and a wrench therefore to have to wake him in order to napp and clothe him.

Bathtime with Mr Sir. © Nick Bailey


Three lightning pics from last nigh's thunderstorm | #Cambridge #Histon

. © Nick Bailey
lightning through my window due to the rain

. © Nick Bailey
a bolt from the pink

. © Nick Bailey
sheet lightning


Summer Lightning over #Histon

Only caught this one snippet of lightning last night as a rather tremendulent storm passed last at night (well, actually early this morning). As I was going to bed I kept noticing sudden flashes of light in the garden. I couldn't place it; they were like flashes of an SLR camera bulb. I wondered if a police car had passed with its flashing lights, but no. I key seeing this as I brushed my teeth and again as I lay in bed when it even seemed as if something flew through the sky. Literally my mind was jumping to an apocalyptic asteroid event (or perhaps fireworks) before I realised it was lightning when finally I head the first roll of thunder. Sadly for photographing it was overcast and I was tired and in bed, so I didn't have a proper setup and there was no clear view of the thunder clouds, so this was the only success.

Summer Lightning. © Nick Bailey
a flash from the clouds


A purpose to life?

Is there a purpose to life? Work, gardening, children? All these things fill life, they make life enjoyable, but do they ultimately achieve anything? Are we just perpetuating life for the sake of life. Is that what life is - just an ongoing quest to make more life (and hence more work in the process). I think this is the sort of question that faith should answer. I'm certainly glad that there is faith to give some anterior motive to life, but so often faith fails to tackle such a big issue. In the worst case faith can be criticised for encouraging the end of life, either form the longing for heaven in some Christians to the mistaken jihadi's quest for virgins in paradise. How does my faith affect me? Well, frequently I find myself lost in the depression of life (that sounds more serious than I mean it to be), but there is the hole that God fills that is sometimes apparently vacant and I am faced with a future, not without God, nope, but a future in which it perhaps doesn't matter either way. A little as if life is futile. I can certainly see why many are drawn to hedonism, just enjoy the experience of life rather than worrying about what it all means. I hope however that the long game of faith is worth it, not for the paradise of an afterlife, but of a life worth living. Perhaps in those I interact with, perhaps just in a family loved. I'm not sure yet, but certainly having a child, while giving a whole different flavour and meaning to life, has also opened up a whole wide world of worry.


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