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On this day 10 years ago:

American History X

What a film - quite a staggering, explosive expose on the state of American racal hatred. Now I know that it is a film and hence might well be exaggerated, but really is gives a stunning display of just how hate works in a culture that is predominantly Christian.

The film follows a family who lost the father to a 'racial hate murder' and the lads then become racially charged. The eldest is taken under the wing of a white Nazi who sets up this white hate group, headed by the son. After a particular incident he is sent to prison, an experience that gives him a completely different outlook on life, and experiences of black and white the way it really is. He returns to his original life a changed man ta attempt a restoration of his family.

The film tells the story in parts all the way along, with 'flash backs' throughout. It shows the point of initiation where the seeds of hate were first sewn, and then how it developers into a way of life.

If you don't mind a bit of shock tactic then I would recommend watching this film, I believe it was used in American high schools, being shown to kids to prevent things like this from happening. It made me really consider quite how things that might seem initially harmless, such as hate, lust or disquiet can build up without notice into something quite terrible and all-consuming.

In particular I've re-considered my attitude to the Muslim world. Now I really don't like the muslim teachings, I feel that they are pretty uncompromising in their attack on Jesus (despite the attitude of calling Jesus the messiah), and I am wholly uncomfortable with the surroundings that initiated Islam and the Qur'an (in particular Mohammed's possession by an 'angle of light'). This dislike is okay as it is on a purely spiritual realm.

However I must no let this feeling ever seep into the people who hold to this religion. I have a number of friends who are Muslims, fine. But if faced with the choice of befriending a muslim or a pagan, I'd go with option two. Basically I have to focus on loving the Muslim despite hating the faith (which is allowed I believe).


The Humble Bean

Yep, what a glorious 'assignment' this was - to photograph some coffee beans up close with my lovely D70. The aim was to get a nice picture to hang on the wall, which I've nearly got bar a few issues with the printer. Here is a small sample, and I can tell you the smell was amazing!

The Bean of Kings


The Blog of Life

Happy old year

It has been a good year full of adventures and the prospect of future change which Ive not really mentioned. All the best and see you next year. [2014-12-31]

The Blog of Photos - past 30 days

My first ever view of Mercury (just next to Venus). #astrophotography

For the first time this evening I saw Mercury. Dr K was gazing out of the window enjoying the rich deep blue of the evening sky with silhouetted tree branches when we spotted the planet peaking out from behind a tree trunk. A quick check on Heavens Above revealed it to be Venus as expected, but also showed that there should be Mercury close by. I've never seen Mercury before so was keen to have a look. From our vantage point indoors we couldn't spot it, but just along the road there was a slither of sky free from trees and sure enough, just to the right of Venus was a smaller spot - Mercury. Dr K suggested it seemed redder than Venus, and is certainly an order of magnitude less bright. I nipped in to get my camera and captured these slightly shaky photos below. For an interesting listen regarding Venus then download the BBC Inside Science podcast which I was listening to just last night.

. © Nick Bailey
Venus and Mercury low in the evening sky

. © Nick Bailey
Venus and Mercury in context of the surrounding shrubberies

. © Nick Bailey
My first photo of Venus and Mercury in shaky cam.


Rev. Ernie Clarke

Today I heard the sad news that our beloved family friend who married me died this morning. He was my minister when I grew up in Cheltenham and I shall always remember him for his Christmas services which included a magic trick which sometimes went drastically wrong. He was a wonderful man and I was so lucky to have him preside over my wedding service.

Rev. Ernest Clarke. © Nick Bailey


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