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Saturday :: April 19 :: 2014

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Web Design




:: work ::

Working is something that I tend to do, being on the whole one of the key reasons I am at university. The majority of my Aerospace course now rests on course work and more importantly group work.

In my spare time (of which I have a reasonable amount due to my lack of romantic attachments) I enjoy (though whether I should admit to this) designing and making website's. I'm not too geeky in my designs and am still developing my technique, but you can follow, visit and read about some of my previous and current creations with the links on the left.

I have also been known to do some voluntary work. You may not be particularly interested in this at all, but if you are (and it gives me an excuse to plug) then you can read about it here.

Of course if you would like to offer me a lovely job working with aircraft or spacecraft then please take a look at my CV.